Annual Earnings: £24

Rewards: Paypal

Min Cashout: £4

Parent Company: Redshift Research, UK

Rating: 6.5/10

Crowdology is another survey site based in the UK.  It’s parent company is Redshift research, also based in the UK.  The surveys that are provided, however, seem to be based on surveys provided by Swedish company Cint.

After registering, you will be sent email invites for surveys that are ready to be taken.  I have noticed that the surveys tend to be filled fairly quickly so clicking on the survey links as soon as you receive them can be a good plan.  The surveys are not the most frequent on this list, and you may get one or two a week but they payment for your time is actually comparably decent.

The screenout rate is not great, but there are certainly some that are worse and if you are screened out, you will receive an entry to a prize draw to win…. wait for it…  £10!  Wow…  The surveys themselves can be quite interesting.  There is a great one that asks general knowledge questions, which I find really interesting and I assume this is for a quiz show of some sort.  There are also the usual surveys about gas companies and shopping.

The reward is always paid out in paypal.  This is usually my favourite reward type but here, for some reason, paypal take 2% of your takings.  This is a little odd as for all the other survey sites on this list, this doesn’t happen so Crowdology is clearly doing something a bit different here and it is an annoyance.  It is also a good idea to register with an email address you will use for paypal as they automatically send the payment to the address you registered with when you request payments and it is a real pain to try and change your email address that is on their file.  There is no place to do this on their website and they are not that good at answering emails.  That said, the minimum payout of £4 is nearly the best there is and you can easily achieve this in a month or so.  Also, it only takes a couple of days to receive the payment which is better than most.

Another thing I should probably mension is the website.  It looks OK when you register but as soon as you log in, it looks very bare and a little unprofessional.  There are hardly any options and it is really just a bare bones website that enables you to cash out and check your balance.

So, Crowdology surveys are usually interesting, the payment per time is quite good and the minimum cashout is excellent.  However, the surveys are not that frequent, paypal takes 2% of your earnings and the website looks a little lacking.  Quite a mixed bag then.

If you do want to register, you will have to be over 16 and live in the UK.


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